Fees and Tuition 2020

Fees and Tuition 2020

Postby lagpressure » Thu Feb 25, 2010 12:09 am

Tuition for the course for 2019 will remain the same as 2018. It's going to be a great year!

New students are required to pre pay the first three modules for $500. This also includes full access to "The Vault"
and access to the private side of the ABS Student Forum.

Individual modules may be purchased for $200 from module #4 onward or in groups of three for $500.

The entire 11 module course may be prepaid for $1500

(2015 UPDATE) The new comprehensive video series of over 25 lessons is also included immediately and in full to students committing to the entire program (11 Modules). However, partial payment students will also have access to the extra lesson videos over time as they progress through the course. (The Lesson Videos are scattered throughout the ABS Module forums based upon relevance to particular Modules)

A one time $30 administrative processing Fee is required for all new students entering the ABS Module Program.

Due to current class size, I am no longer able to accept one module beginning students, because at a bare minimum, the biomechanical work of the first three modules must be competed to give a student the best chance for success. It is also to the benefit of a new student to take advantage of the three module incentive offering.

The first three modules which include:

1. Releasing the club into impact (hand and body protocols)

2. Lower body integration, footwork and ground pressures (including hand and body protocols)

3. Post impact pivot thrust and acceleration, 5th accumulator and finish (PV5)

I am offering a first three Modules incentive for $500 US (Modules #1 - #3 inclusive)

Again, subsequent Modules with full support, may be purchased in groups of three for $500 US or individually for
$200 US.

Payments must be made using PayPal and in US Dollars.

paypal deposit account is:

Due to the limited class size, module prices are subject to change at any time. Currently there is no time frame limitations or restrictions for student's module completion. There are no refunds once a student has started the program
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