Thoughts on Ben Hogan

Re: Thoughts on Ben Hogan

Postby lagpressure » Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:48 pm

I've always liked how Mike swings and how he teaches. Good sounding strikes also.
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Re: Hogan "Saturday Evening Post"

Postby stevemcgee99 » Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:00 pm

lagpressure wrote:This is real golf folks, not like what the game has morphed into today. He talks about the courses over there being
cheap to play, how they only mowed the fairways once a month and the greens once a week... to keep the game affordable.
How the wind could be a 6 club difference, how he had to adapt to the small ball...

If you ever wondered where all the wind in the world ends up, it's here. 150 yards, I used 3-iron and just made it past the fringe between the two front bunkers on the left, hitting it low in almost a straight line.

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Re: Thoughts on Ben Hogan

Postby Range Rat » Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:19 am

Maves seems like a good guy for sure, and COG leading certainly has to be a power move. Not sure how Maves describes his overall motion but one way is to sense it like pitching horseshoes, for full and partial shots.

In tossing shoes, the most important piece is the legs and how they flex and extend for power assistance in throwing the shoe up into the air with the hand continuing to extend toward the stake. Moe Norman said he felt like extending his hand toward the flagstick during the finish to shake hands with it- might be close to the same idea.
But the arm positioning within the motion is different- more pendulum-like for shoes, and more carry angle-like within the trail arm for golf because we're to the side of things.

Hogan's old man was a blacksmith, I wonder if Ben ever tossed shoes, because Moe said he and Ben were the only two people who swung the same. Maybe they had horseshoes in their thinking. Mashie had some words before on horseshoes and pitching, same kind of deal for the most part. Pretty good leg set here.
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