Stuck, under plane, etc..

Re: Stuck, under plane, etc..

Postby Steve P » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:10 pm

lagpressure wrote:

Well, I would NEVER teach a student to do this. I can't think of a more poisonous thought or action to focus on.
Spin the hips open right from the top and throw the club at the ball with an early uncocking of the wrists? :?

This illustration could more easily be interpreted as a counter clockwise spin than holding the hips back for a later firing.
He certainly didn't do this in his swing.. it's almost the complete opposite because he had the most delayed rotation of the hips in the history of golf swings.

Please explain?

5 Lessons is just incredibly cryptic. I could only suppose that the two drawings below establish what needs to happen before and after the bigger illustration can be considered, but there is no proper explanation to accompany it.

Keeping the swing simple is easy. Just swing the club and shoot a 100 and go home to your wife and be glad you have a day job.

See how little the hands have moved? He's showing that the hands are saved. The swing is initiated by the left hip. As the hips act on the shoulders the hands do little. Everything is happening via the pivot.
He NEVER says throw the arms at it from the top.
As you can see in the slo mo I posted above the left hip is the first thing that moves as he begins down.
He NEVER delayed the hips.
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Re: Stuck, under plane, etc..

Postby Steve P » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:18 pm


Throw the arm out, away and off the body?


Spin the hips open as fast as possible from the top?


Flick the left wrist over counter clockwise as fast as possible post impact?

Maybe 5 Lessons should have been named 5 things to work on to make sure you never swing anything like Ben Hogan. 8-)[/quot

He's not throwing the arms away they are going to the target.
Move the hips correctly and yes the faster the better. Will not work if you move them incorrectly.
Yes you must square up the face. The pivot tends to hold it open.
All those photos are correct for Hogan.
Again am I saying do this? No but he did.
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Re: Stuck, under plane, etc..

Postby Steve P » Thu Jun 16, 2016 1:22 pm

Hogans rotation DEFINED his swing. For example the arms to target is where the intent is just like the picture.
The pivots rotation keeps them from flying away. The pivot rotation is how he pressured the shaft and had lag.
It's everything. He never delayed that. Ymmv.
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Re: Stuck, under plane, etc..

Postby Stu Carlburger » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:00 pm

It seems like you've got it all figured out then Steve. So, what are you doing here? Arguing with Lag? Why? Go start your own website/teaching community. What's your end here? Is it one of those troll mantras that you just want to "keep it real" or "open minded?" If so, I think between Lag and Bradley we've got two guys who could whip your ass blindfolded, left handed, standing on one leg AND giving you 3 a side.

We get it, you disagree. But this is like arguing whether there is a god or not -- you either believe or you don't. For me, and most in here I assume, we've had a depth of golf experience and the info that Lag and Brad put forth resonates with us. If it doesn't with you, if you think different, you're entitled to your opinion. But, at some point your continual ranting becomes a tiresome exercise in trolling.
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Re: Stuck, under plane, etc..

Postby lagpressure » Thu Jun 16, 2016 2:06 pm

Let's move this Hogan discussion over to the Hogan thread.

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