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The eyes closed clubface is a good one. I don't know about glove wear because I don't use a glove. One huge point I think for Hogan followers on grip is the strength of the left hand. I played for years with the thumb on top nice and weak. About a year or two ago I adjusted stronger in the left like 3 knuckles thumb on aft side of shaft and I prefer it. I do better with less wrist and hand action and angles.
I feel a weak grip requires more from the player and it was fine when I used to play and practice a lot but I find now it's just easier to go strong since I don't practice. Less moving parts.
I think some players like for example Grady really base their move on acute angles with the hands and that's pretty cool but for me and my no practice just play mentality I choose to use less angles/lag. The grip you choose really affects this.
IMO the simplest action (least moving parts and angles) is made possible by a strong grip in the left.
With a weak grip you almost need a touch of conscious squaring at least I do where with a stronger left hand it seems more unconscious.
I grip at the angle showed in 5L in the left with a short thumb but stronger on the handle. I also loosely interlock as opposed to overlap with my short fat fingers.
One interesting thing I noticed when I used to video like a year or two ago was that my right index finger is off the club at the top. The only time I use pressure in the right index is for pitching the ball. Weird in my full swing it's out of the equation in terms of feel for the most part.
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