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Christy O'Connor Snr

Postby Knightwriter » Sun Feb 21, 2016 4:10 pm

Sorry I've no video, just a story.

A lot of people reckon this guy was one of the greatest ball strikers of all time.

I saw him first hand when he was in his seventies and he was by far the best ball striker I've ever seen. And I've seen Tiger, Rory, Duval etc. in their prime in the flesh.

He was doing a clinic in the winter on a muddy course. He hit all kinds of shots, but one of the things he did was he stamped a ball in the mud, took out his driver and shelled it down the fairway. I was young so I don't completely remember exactly how it flew, but I know it was still pummelled a mile down the fairway straight as an arrow. It might even have been as far as a good one. My mouth was open, 'how the hell did he do that?'

Obviously a hitter :lol:

He was seriously good. He finished second in the open one year, never played in the us majors as it was two weeks on a boat when he was in his prime. He was an awful putter so didn't win nearly as much as he should have. Peter Alliss said he was one of the best, if not the best striker he ever saw.
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Re: Christy O'Connor Snr

Postby Knightwriter » Thu Feb 25, 2016 4:17 am

Some footage of Christy doing a clinic in his 70's, still an awesome striker:

The audio is awful but you can make out some parts. He talks about abs concepts like keeping the hands in front of the body, firm left hand at impact, hitting through the ball and things like that.
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Re: Christy O'Connor Snr

Postby stevemcgee99 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 10:29 am

Wow I randomly clicked in the video and he said, "there's no break from the word go", talking about the takeaway.

What I saw was when he demonstrated breaking the wrists at takeaway the left arm ends up bending at the top - that's a problem for me and I believe is one of the causes of my left elbow pain.

Then he showed waiting until later to break the wrist and how naturally the left arm stayed straight.
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