San Francisco / Bay Area Golf Architecture Panel

San Francisco / Bay Area Golf Architecture Panel

Postby Froggy » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:53 pm

Thought I'd pass along the golf architecture panel discussion held recently in the new State Apparel on Fillmore off of Union in San Francisco. Hopefully Lag doesn't mind. Some interesting topics. ... 928898383#

Full replay of the discussion here for reference: ... anel-ft-bo
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Re: San Francisco / Bay Area Golf Architecture Panel

Postby lagpressure » Tue Nov 14, 2017 8:29 am

Thanks for posting.

It's always great to hear discussions on golf course architecture, restoration etc.

I hope at some point, an equally vital discussion would take place to protect and restore the game itself, because "the game" and the historic architecture
are intrinsically tied together. A lot of these historic courses are great courses if they are played with matching clubs and ball. They lose their splendor, challenge and basic design intentions if played with clubs and ball that don't fit the original design. if the ball is going 15% farther, the landing areas, the bunkering, hazards, terrain, nothing makes sense anymore in relation to the original intentions.

Preservationists, restorationists, are missing the point if the gear used to play it is not equally addressed.

These points are almost addressed in this dialog, but missed.

Take the steel spike issue. They are legal at both the USGA and R and A, however, club by club, course by course they are BANNED on a LOCAL level because they damage the greens (questionable). Plastic golf balls and frying pan drivers that propel the ball 15% farther DAMAGE THE GAME itself.

If you can ban spikes at a classic track, you can ban the use of improper clubs and ball. The course could make money renting proper clubs and balls just as they do renting golf carts. Replace the golf carts with trolleys or caddies and rent proper clubs just like a ski resort does. You can bring your own or rent proper clubs.
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