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The Adavnced Ball Striking Forum


The Class:

In Advanced Ball Striking Class, we start right at impact. Not just alignments, but actual motion dynamics. Once we establish a few things, such, as will you hit? or will you swing?... we move quickly into action.

Getting Started:

I teach you from impact onward, then we go backwards. We want to make sure that when you learn a new dynamic move, it will be easily accepted by the proceeding action. For example, if we are working on what the muscles have to do right before impact, then later in the course when we are talking about downswing options, you'll be swinging the club into something you have already learned, rather than into the land of mystery.

The golf ball only cares about impact.... regardless of how pretty your perfectly on plane backswing is.

Fill out the Questionnaire:

Once you have filled out the questionnaire, I'll have a better understanding of your objectives, goals and time frame regarding your improvement.

The Modules:

I teach the golf swing in a series of modules that build upon one another. These modules can be download from the web site instruction area with a pass code I will e-mail you to access them.


The cost of each module is $200.00. Some are difficult, some are easy, all are vital.

Since many of you are international, I find PayPal to be very easy for us all. Send payment to my account there:

If you have not used paypal, you might give it a try. If you need to use another form of payment, please e mail me to make other arrangements.

Your first Module:

Once I have received payment, you should have your link to the first module e mailed that day. You'll also have access to my students private support page and private internet web forum, where I answer a lot of the various questions that come up regarding the execution of each module. You'll probably see some familiar names in there! Golf fanatics are everywhere!

The core modules are:

1. Releasing the club into impact (hand and body protocols)

2. Lower body integration, footwork and ground pressures

3. Post impact pivot thrust and acceleration, 5th accumulator and finish (PV5)

4. Creating dynamic "true" swing plane through opposing forces (hand and body protocols)

5. Developing proper hand attitudes and ratchet removal

6. Backswing, transition. Understanding and working with centrifugal and centripetal forces

7. Developing connection and cohesive body tension

8. How to aim and draw and fade the ball using pressure and forces, the easy way

9. Understanding how to play off "true lowpoint", advanced ball positioning protocols

10. Embracing the five step process of hitting proper golf shots.

11. How to Master the art of playing golf

Time and Pace

The course is set up for you to spend about 30 minutes to an hour a day, working on the various rudiments of a proper golf swing application. This is set up to work both for the weekend player and the more serious golfer. Like anything else in life, your progress will be determined by how hard you work, and your own natural inclination to sense the whirling of an object around your body. Regardless of these factors, you will improve because the physics of impact are not subjective.

Students will be working at their own pace for obvious reasons. Once you receive your first module, you will begin the process towards becoming an excellent ball striker. Some modules are more complicated than others, but you can expect to take a minimum of 2 to 4 weeks to master each module, and up to 8 to 12 weeks for others.

Communication and Student Progress

I will be available to answer your questions online to the best of my ability, but more important, I will need to see how you are doing the drills that are presented. You will need to have the ability to capture your swing on video and upload them for my evaluation. I will e mail back with suggestions helping you efficiently and effectively master the drill. On occasion I may ask to see you actually hit golf balls, but in general, our goal will be to get you though the course. Once completed, we can then fine tune ball flight.

Once I see you're execution is correct, some time will be required for new sensations to become automatic. When I feel you are ready, we will move on, and graduate to the next module. I will be the sole judge of when I believe you are ready to move on. This is one of my duties as your instructor.

We would not want to start building a house until the concrete foundation has completely dried. Until the proper support is created, we don't add anything to the golf swing until we are ready.

The Advanced ball striking class is set up so the student can continue to play golf, practice, hit balls, or whatever the student cares to do with their regular golfing time.


The goal of the modules is to create long term retention.

As of now, you have a motion that is yours, however good or bad it may seem. We will constantly be teaching you perfect action, that will inch into your motion, slowly and incrementally, gradually changing you over the course of time. Improvement will be an up and down process, but in an obvious upward trend, much like an up trending stock chart. I will repeat, the physics of impact are not subjective.

Improvement happens because the modules are aimed at one ideal... fantastic impact geometry and physics, giving maximum support to the forces of the golf ball's collision with the golf club.

We can view the core essence of golfing physics in the following way.

Velocity can hit the ball far, but only properly applied acceleration can hit the ball straight.

This class will be aimed at the later. The mystery of the game will slowly disappear before your eyes as you proceed through the Advanced Ball Striking Class.