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The Greatest Strikers of a Golf Ball Understood Some Very Basic Principles

Golf is first a game of accuracy. We show students how to harness the power of their clubs with advantageous lie angles, removing offset, and working into firmer shafts for control. Golf is a game played with woods and irons. We embrace the great game of golf and the clubs used to execute it.

Precision striking

John Erickson

Founder and Author of Advanced Ball Striking

Welcome to ABS!

A home for golf purists

I feel blessed to have played and won on tour during the classic or persimmon era of the game. Having the opportunity to compete directly against some of the greatest players in the world, was for me, the best way to learn the game. Real on the job training. I have taken my skills and knowledge of the game and packaged them into "bite size chunks" that students can methodically integrate into their own game. We work hard and get results as the road to improvement presents itself.

John Erickson
John Erickson

Advanced Ball Striking Forum

The #1 Forum on the World Wide Web for Golf Purists

ABS has been a home for lovers of the great game since it's inception. Many believe it is the most comprehensive and informative web forum for classic and traditional golf fans. From analysis of the greatest swings and players all over the world, to golf course architecture, scientific theories on golf, changes in the rules over decades, equipment discussions, Moe, Hogan, Trevino, Snead, Player, Nelson, we can't get enough from the greats, the courses, the gear and the joy of the journey we all share.... golf. Check out some of the posts on the Advanced Ball Striking forum

The ABS Module Program

For those who desire to improve their technique

The ABS Module program has been helping high, mid, low and professional players reach their potential for over 10 years. The ABS Modules build the swing through a training program of idealistic intentions that logically stack up upon one another and improve a player's golf swing while allowing for each person's individual expression. Students improves at their own pace and are methodically guided by either John or by a fellow ABS Instructor. Check out the ABS instruction curriculum.

John Erickson
John Erickson

Student Feedback

Students have shared thousands of light bulb moments for over a decade on the ABS Forum

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ABS Master Professional Bradley Hughes

Two time Australian Masters Champion Bradley Hughes

Bradley Hughes became the first ABS Master Professional. Bradley's deep understanding of the game and contributions to the ABS site are epic. Learn from Bradley (AKA twomasters) at the Advanced Ball Striking forum. You can also buy Bradley's eBook or visit Bradley's website for insights and instruction.

John Erickson
John Erickson

Advanced Ball Striking Class

We teach the GREAT WAY to strike a golf ball properly.
Make no mistake, there is no one secret to masterful ballstriking.

Our students take a well marked path via the ABS Modules.
You work hard, you get results!

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Precision striking

Mysteries of the Golf Swing

We take it apart and explain in simple terminology what the Greatest Strikers knew all along

Precision striking

The important difference between hitters and swingers.

You must make a choice for each swing

Precision striking

If there were one thing to master in the golf swing, it's clearly visible in this photo.

We NEVER lose sight of it.

Precision striking

Acceleration is not just a concept, it's a leveraged imperative to great ball striking.

We NEVER lose sight of it.

Precision striking

The great ball strikers understood how to create proper forces in the golf swing. We need know little more than f=ma At ABS, mass will not be forgotten.

We NEVER lose sight of it.

Precision striking

We can push and pull at the same time.

ABS students learn how

Precision striking

The great strikers engaged wide stances...

Understanding both weight transfer and balance

Precision striking

Simple to Understand Diagrams at ABS

The great strikers left an instruction legacy as well.

Precision striking

The 4:30 line

We NEVER lose sight of it.

Precision striking

A pivot driven hit

George Knudson knew how to do it.

Precision striking

We learn to leverage the rotation of the torso

Working the shaft at right angles to our spine.

Precision striking

A portal to the former ABS Website (2009)

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Understand the tools of your trade

The greatest ballstrikers used the finest gear to do it. Learn to understand what you really need out of a golf club. Everything is important from the grip to the clubhead, from the shaft to the lie angle. Find out if upright and offset irons are hurting your game. Your clubs are the tools of your trade and they should be providing you the best on every swing. Never compromise your potential with anything less that a proper set up of your golf clubs. We show you directly how many of the greats set up their gear and why. Our professional staff can do the same for you!

Mike Rees

ABS Master Club Technician

Meet mike on the ABS forum with your equipment concerns

Mike Rees
Gear refinement

Hand Crafted and Custom Club Work

Find out how to set up your gear

Meet mike on the Club Repair and ABS Alterations forum page with your equipment concerns

ABS Spec sets

We have racks of the finest blades and persimmon woods ever crafted

Have a look at what's for sale on the ABS Spec Gear forum page.

Mike Rees

Top ABS Professionals

We've got a top notch team!

John Erickson

ABS Master Professional

Come join the fun at Advanced Ball Striking!

Precision striking

Bradley Hughes

Two Time Australian Masters Champion

Why not learn from the best?

Precision striking


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