Advanced Ball Striking (ABS) About the Course

Advanced Ball Striking (ABS) About the Course

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ABS Students are taught the proper way to swing a golf club, based upon a series of biomechanical Swing Modules that have been long standing, time tested methods used by histories greatest ball strikers.

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The methodology taught is consistent with techniques used by such legendary ball strikers such as Ben Hogan, George Knudson, Lee Trevino, Arnold Palmer and many others... as well as many of today's top players such as Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia and as diverse as Jim Furyk.

As a student moves through the course, they will learn to understand the differences between what is essential, and what are otherwise stylistic options.

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The course contains 11 essential Swing Modules that students work on to properly improve their relationship with the golf club and ultimately the golf ball.

Students work at their own pace, and I work closely and personally with each student insuring their progress and success, through individual video module analysis, email support and additional support throughout the private ABS Forum. Students receive full access to the Private Student Forum Area, and also to "The Vault" which is hands down the most extensive picture and video archive available on the internet.

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Each student will have full access to the individual module forum they are working through, as well as the previous module forums they have successfully completed. The student will also have access to other supplementary videos, diagrams, charts and other necessary training materials.

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Veteran ABS students have been generously sharing their module experiences and lightbulb moments with other students within these private forums. The ABS community is a tremendous learning and support area for both new and veteran students.

Depending upon a student's time allowances and dedication level, each module typically requires 3 to 6 weeks to arrive at completion, and may take more time depending upon the student's level of interaction and focus. There are no time limits imposed upon students for individual module completion as we all work at our own pace.

Student improvements often happen quickly during the first module, and the forum is a great place to share your improvements, personal best striking and scoring rounds, and the increase in both distance and accuracy students experience as they progress through the course.

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Inside the private area of the forum, you will also be able to interact with some of our current touring pros who are working the ABS modules. We have several who are very successful including a 5 time international tour winner who also works closely with students, and is available for your questions.

You'll be confident knowing you're working on the same principals as the pros.
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