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ABS Club Repair and Retrofitting Price List

Persimmons, full iron sets, Wedges, SW's, properly set up
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ABS Club Repair and Retrofitting Price List

Postby lagpressure » Sat Nov 05, 2011 9:56 pm

While we encourage "do it yourself'ers" with a wealth of instruction guides in the equipment forum, Mike Rees has offered to ABS-tisize existing sets and other related club work for those who prefer not to tread the waters of basement club repair.

Persimmon refinish, re-set sole plate,re-set insert, bored flat, reshafted, whipping, grip, new screws if necessary proper weighting /total ABS makeover existing club $170. (Your regrip or we will include a quality synthetic "Mint" grip)

Weighting a set to ABS specs requires us to remove the grips, work weight down into the shaft and seal it. We typically us tungsten powder or sometimes lead. $120 per set.

Bend, flatten, loft and lie to spec/ including offset removal is $100 per (set 2-PW or SW)

Full iron set makeover $350 includes reshafting, weighting, loft lie, offset removal, grip (Mint) ferrule, pins extra $50 ($400)
(We only do alterations to vintage blades because the forgings were from softer steel that we don't have to worry about risking breaking a club. Generally mid 1980's and prior.) Many of today's forged irons are too brittle for us to work in the vice. Don't send us a set of cavity backs!

$50 for a new set of grips.

Other custom work may be accomodated. Email for details.
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