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I played that 1999 Open at Carnoustie. It was without doubt the toughest course setup I have ever played. They actually cut down some rough on a few holes on the Wednesday evening before play started because there was just no chance in some spots to hit the ball let alone find it.
I played with Hal Sutton and a Swede Patrik Sjoland- the first two rounds and was coming 7th after those 2 rounds shooting 75-71...4 over. I started round 3 with par par birdie to be in the top 3 but then missed the fairway on 4 and couldn't even get my ball back trying to go sideways onto fairway with a lob wedge and made double and did the same thing on the 5th hole also. Took the steam out of me cos you just couldnt press for a score on that course that week.
I played with Davis Love III in that final round and we were well back starting about 10-11 over... DLIII shot 68 that final round and amazingly only finished 2 shots from the playoff in the end... something much like Paul Lawrie did that same day- when he shot 67 and ended up in the playoff at 6 over par.
Driver was not a bad play from the tee for Jean. The misstep in my opinion was to not hit a 6 or 7 iron over to the left side of the fairway with the second shot. Hitting left took OOB out of play- couldnt reach OB with that club... plus it opened up the entire green for an easy 70 yard wedge straight up the throat of the green or toward the flag. That meant a fullish 3rd shot- with no bunker in the way and no burn to worry about whatsoever. This was the proper play to protect a 3 shot lead once he had gotten himself out of position on the tee ball. He was putting like a freak all week... he would have easily 2 putted or maybe even one putted after he had plopped his wedge onto the green and the greatest collapse would have been more along the lines of a Major miracle.
That's what I would have done that Sunday if I was in the same spot... just give the rough no option to interfere because it was thick, wet, gnarly and almost impossible to get out of
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